AFL $1000 Challenge – Are you ready for Bet 4

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AFL Challenge Bet 4

Things are moving along nicely now ladies and gents, and we are jumping in early to get the best odds. All three legs here are incredibly solid and are likely to shorten even further. Only a monumental upset will ruin this.

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Kitty: $314.15

‪‎Return: $452.62


Geelong Cats vs Brisbane Lions

The Cats were pretty good last week against the Giants in Sydney, and the Lions were terrible at home. A trip to Simmonds really doesn’t help the Lions here, and I suspect this game will be over at half time.

Multi selection: Geelong Cat to win


Gold Coast Suns vs West Coast Eagles

The Suns back at home adds a little more to the mix, but the little master is out. That’s a huge blow to their confidence and obviously their ball winning ability. Having said that the Eagles are dominating top teams, so the young and undermanned Suns should be far too easy

Multi selection: West Coast Eagles to win


Fremantle Dockers vs Greater Western Sydney Giants

The Dockers got a last effort win over the Tigers in Melbourne last round. That win will do wonders for their confidence going into finals. They still need to keep winning to secure a top 2 berth, and a return home against a young Giants team is just what they need. A loss here would be a monumental upset, and I can see the Dockers putting the foot down for some momentum and percentage heading into the pointy end. On the other side, the Giants just looked tired last week, and their young boys may be feeling the pinch of a great start to the season.

Multi selection: Fremantle Dockers to win


Recommended Challenge Bet 4 (Multi)

  • Geelong
  • West Coast
  • Fremantle

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