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AFL Betting Results for Round 11


BOOOOOOOM….Back in the winner’s circle after a tiny loss in Round 10.

Despite starting the round slower than a snail in peanut butter, our AFL handicapper went bang with some ripping bets.

The highlight of the weekend was the Josh Kennedy middle which delivered 9.29 units profit in one hit. That’s right…9.29 units!

Although middling bets require a little luck to nail, the difference is our AFL handicapper finds them, and no one else is. Read all about our AFL Betting Strategy here.

Not only are we FREE but to the best of our knowledge our results are the best in the business by miles.

It is time to sort out the ‘real’ AFL tipping places from the ‘distrustful’ ones. Here are some things to consider when choosing:

1) Do they have detailed results sheets?…….. If NO, then how can you trust what they are selling? It is easy to manipulate results by just using Facebook because who would really check every post.

2) Are their results ‘accurate’ and ‘meaningful’?……. For example we base our results on $100 units. This doesn’t mean you have to spend this, but it allows us to accurately incorporate promotional bets like $20 max bets (0.2 units). This means our results are 100% transparent and meaningful. Some places will say 1 stake for $20 max bets, but yet advertise that if you were a $100 punter you would be $100 up. Either poor mathematics OR dishonest advertising – you choose.

3) Do they own their losses or ONLY bang out posts when they win?…… No doubt it is important to promote winning days and weeks because that’s what we all get excited about, BUT when it is blatantly done to sell subscriptions to a loss making service, this isn’t fair.

4) Do they delete or ban comments when you query them?….This is just rubbish. What are they hiding?

Remember you can also check out our DETAILED RESULTS SPREADSHEET for the AFL 2014 and 2015 seasons (and every other sport we provide tips for). While we try to keep this as up-to-date as possible, there may be slight delays in results being added. Be assured they will be coming.