AFL Challenge Bet 1

Odds Boost

AFL Challenge Bet 1

Oh dear oh dear.

What a frustrating way to end our challenge. I am over it now but I was ropeable at the time. The positive news is we reached our $1000 target so it wasn’t all bad, unless like us you rolled it all over ha-ha.

Anyway no point dwelling on it, let’s re-load and get to that $1000 again.


Important Change

We will be using Bet365 for our challenges as normal, BUT considering our selections today we would be stupid not to use William Hill. They offer a great promotion that we can use to hopefully boost our challenge into next week. If our selection loses by 24 or less it is money back.

If you don’t have a William Hill account and don’t want to get one, that’s ok you can join in next week OR take the same alternate lines in Bet365 to get started.



Collingwood Magpies vs Greater Western Sydney Giants -> Collingwood to win ($1.67)

St Kilda Saints vs Melbourne Demons -> St Kilda to win ($1.70)


What to do

  • Stake $100 on Collingwood to win.
  • If Collingwood win…stake $100 on St Kilda to win
  • If Collingwood lose by less than 24….stake $100 on St Kilda to win
  • If Collingwood get flogged…..You will see me at the pub!



Kitty: $100.00

‎Return 1: $167.00 (if Collingwood win)


‎Return 2: $170.00 (if the Collingwood lose by 24 or less and Saints win)


Maximum return: $237.00 (if both win)