AFL Results Summary – Round 9

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AFL Results Summary – Round 9

WOWEE what a weekend of footy. As far as the punting goes for us, it was a weekend of almosts. Regardless, a nice little profit tips us beyond 50 units profit for the season and considering how the first 9 rounds have gone, this is super.

The main difference between us and most other AFL tipping places, apart from being absolutely FREE, is that our AFL handicapper continues to find early game lines and player props like no other. Add in his keen eye for amazing middling bets, and these are the reasons for our profits in the face of unpredictable results.


A bit of the detail

The highlight of the weekend was the first quarter middle on Friday night, with a 5 unit profit in one hit.

We don’t usually get caught up in the ‘unlucky’ or ‘just missed’ scenarios because it swings both ways. But just for your interest, here are some plays we missed in frustrating fashion. They also show why we are consistently profiting in the face of some crazy results.

  • Kade Simpson 22 disposals (middle 23-24) **needed 2 disposals in the last minute to hit. Watch the replay and tell me he didn’t get them…I have and he did – but I am not bitter ha-ha
  • Nathan Jones 20 disposals (middle 27-28) **obviously nowhere near but considering he had 12 disposals in the first qtr, this caused a little frustration
  • Dustin Martin 25 disposals (middle 27-28) 
  • David Armitage 119 DT points (middle 112-118) **tackle and kick with 30 seconds to go took him from 111 to 119
  • Dane Swan more DT than Steel Sidebottom (Swan 124 – Sidebottom 131) **you are kidding me? 124 doesn’t win it!


Our Results

Remember you can also check out our detailed results spreadsheet for the AFL 2014 and 2015 seasons (and every other sport we provide tips for). While we try to keep this as up-to-date as possible, there may be slight delays in results being added in. Be assured they will be coming.


AFL ROUND 9 –  Results Summary

Stake: 86.7 units

Return: 91.03 units

Profit/Loss: +4.33units

2015 Season: +53.87 units

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