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AFL Challenge Bet 9

We have been blessed with two rounds that have cleared without any heart palpitations. Oh gee…..that next stressor is just round the corner. Nonetheless, I have a holiday to pay for so onwards and upwards we go.

If you have followed since the start it is up to you what you do from here. We do recommend withdrawing your initial $100 so you stand to lose nothing.

For the NEW comers, you can start with whatever you can afford to lose. We started with $100, but you can start with $20, $50, $1000 or whatever gets you heart racing. Remember it is all about the fun and excitement.

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Gold Coast vs Fremantle

The weather has turned badly on the Coast, and is planned for the next 3-4 days. Things will be sloppy and windy making scoring harder than normal. Add this to Fremantle’s games style that typically see lower scoring, and this should be a tight slog. I struggle to see the young Suns surpassing 60 points and no way Fremantle kick 120+ in these conditions. We should be very safe here.

Selection: Match total under 190.5 ‘alternate match total’


West Coast vs Essendon

West Coast back in Perth on a dry deck, and they have the power to knock out 100+ (averaging 110 this season). Essendon are struggling to score of late, but some key INS mean they are likely to put up a decent effort and 60-80 really isn’t asking much. This could well clear by 3QT (hopefully).

Selection: Match total over 144.5 ‘alternate match total’


St Kilda vs Melbourne

This game is a tough one to predict, meaning there is likely to be a few goals in it at the most. The Saints have won their past 10 against the Dees, and the Dees have lost 20 straight at Etihad. While stats are not the full picture, they are hard to ignore, and make me lean towards St Kilda. Having said that, if the Dees show up and play good footy they will be tough to beat, but could they blow the Saints away. Nah doubt it.

Selection: St Kilda +40.5 ‘alternate handicap’


‪Kitty: $1172.75

‪‎Return: $1630.80

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  • Gold Coast vs Fremantle -> Match total under 190.5 ‘alternate match total’
  • West Coast vs Essendon -> Match total over 144.5 ‘alternate match total
  • St Kilda vs Melbourne -> St Kilda +40.5 ‘alternate handicap’