WEEKLY BETTING RESULTS SUMMARY – Monday 16nd to Sunday 22nd March

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Here is how our Betting Results fared this past week Ladies and Gents.

A strange old week last week with a few small profits trickling in. The NHL was the star of the show as it has been for most of the season, while Horse Racing and NRL made us some very small profits. The NBA is still testing and not really moving in any direction. To be honest it will be nice to see the season end from a betting perspective.

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Stake: 158.00 units
Return: 167.92 units
Profit/Loss: +9.92 units

Stake: 36.00 units
Return: 36.80 units
Profit/Loss: +0.80 units
YTD 2015: +42.85 units

Stake: 62 units
Return: 60.80 units
Profit/Loss: -1.20 units
2014/15 Season: +1.02 units

Stake: 44 units
Return: 52.94 units
Profit/Loss: +8.94 units
2014/15 Season: +71.35 units

Stake: 16 units
Return: 17.38 units
Profit/Loss: +1.38 units
2015 Season: -2.20 units

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