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Message from our AFL handicapper

As most of you would have realised by now we have been placing quite an emphasis on getting bets to you as early as possible. The reason for this is quite simple: find the best lines and value that will increase our likelihood of success and profit, while also minimising risk.

As you would have already seen from last week’s best early play on the Sydney Swans vs Western Bulldogs (match total UNDER 175.5), which came into 146.5 by game time. As a result we were able to make a very strong middling bet which ended in us grabbing a profit of over 5 units.

It is true that the key to long-term success is well researched plays. However, and just as importantly, we have the ability to predict early which way the markets are likely to move based on various factors (injuries, weather, market knowledge, money movement etc.).

While we can talk about our success so far, we would rather give insight into the future of our plays. Below is what we have suggested through the week and how it has moved in the markets to date. You will find that over our 10 plays so far 9 have moved in our favour with 1 staying the same. We strive for the best, and aim to maximise profits for US and YOU, and that is why we will continue to be the BEST performing AFL handicappers.


Early Round 6 Tips

– Collingwood -4.5 >>>> -6.5 (Sportsbet) (2 point differential)

– North Melbourne -11.5 >>>> -14.5 (TAB) (3 point differential)

– North Melbourne vs Richmond under 188.5 >>>> Under 178.5 (Bet365) (10 point differential) 

GWS +30.5 >>>> +25.5 (Bet365) (5 point differential)

Adelaide -34.5 >>>> -39.5 (CrownBet) (5 point differential)

Sydney -24.5 >>>> -31.5 (Bet365) (+7 point differential)

Fremantle -18.5 >>>> -26.5 (TAB) (+8 point differential)

– Essendon +28.5 >>>> +26.5 (TAB) (+2 point differential)

– Fremantle vs Essendon over 160.5 >>>> Over 160.5 (no change)

– Port Adelaide -25.5 >>>> -32.5 (CrownBet) (7 point differential)