GREYOUND TIPS – 4th April 2015

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Golden Easter Egg (Wentworth Park)

DO YOU LOVE THE GREYHOUNDS…… If yes, it is time to get excited.

We have just linked up with one of our long time followers who has strong links in the greyhound industry. He is kind enough to flick through his analysis and tips for specific greyhound meets. These same sheets go to the Bookies.

Let’s kick things off with one of the best days of racing in the greyhound calendar.



Analysis: With the late scratching of My Bro Fabio this race has become slightly easier to rate, but still an amazing race packed with early speed and strong finishers. We believe (4) Spacecraft will be the one to beat here. Didn’t start like it has when running 3rd to Fernando Bale in the GEE semi finals. But still was only beaten 2-3 lengths by the favourite to take out the egg. The middle draw is not a worry and should make it to the front and hold on. (8) Xtreme Knocks is a PST Black book runner and we are very excited to see it run round at big odds again. 2/4 from this box and his time last week was quite remarkable, 29.56. This may be good enough to win. (3) Frost yourself is an amazing beginner, one of the best in the field. But lacks late speed, will finish in the minors but will lead to the first corner. (5) Sisco Rage has been bundling the starts recently. You can tell it has heart as it always manages to make up 3-4 positions each race, this field may not let it come back.

The Race as we se it: (3) jumps brilliantly leading to the first corner, (5) races to second, while (8) goes wide around the field to sit third three wide. (5) (1) jump last and second last. Around the last bend (5) has passed the (3), while the (8) almost has as well. (5) and (1)  make way through field. On the back straight (4) races away to win by 2 lengths over (8). (5) passes (3) on the line to finish 3rd and 4th respectively (9) has found trouble all throughout to finish late in the field with (1) and (2)

Suggested TIPS

– (4) Spacecraft WIN (1.5 UNIT)

– (8) Xtreme Knocka WIN (1 UNIT)



Analysis:  (8) No Donuts is the favourite here in what will be a cracking race. His time in the heats were astonishing 29.55 and he will keep getting better as he grows. Early speed is a tad risky but the race lacks early speed in my opinion. May sit 2nd or 3rd in the race but has to pace and smarts to pass dogs. (4) Lord Gee also ran a good heat time 29.73 when second to No Donuts. His 29.88 when first, beating Aphorism was impressive. Box is a slight worry, but has late speed to make up ground. Can not split (1) and (2). Estranged has freakish early zip and will lead to first corner, absolutely walks the last 100 metres and may get swamped. Odds a bit short to bet but will be a very entreating race.

The Race as we se it: (1) pings the lids and races 3 lengths clear (8) No Donuts jumps well is three wide second. Coming on the inside is (5) Iona Champion, (4) Lord Gee and (2) Aphorism. (1) is still 2 lengths clear coming to final corner, (8) No donuts catches it and passes, so does (4) Lord Gee. (5) Iona Champion cops interference with the (2) and drops back, (8) first by 2 lengths over (4) Lord Gee 3rd is a photo between (2) and (1)

Suggested TIP

– (8) No Donuts WIN (2 UNITS)



Analysis: Even though this is Easter egg Night. We believe this will be the most exciting race of the evening. Betting wise this is a nightmare, with 4 champions of the track, (2) Space Star (1) Lady Toy (4) Sweet it is and (6) Zipping Maggie all raring to go over the 720 Metres.  On form, opinion and using our speed maps its very hard to find a winner here. The odds have space star $2.2 Lady Toy $2.70 and Sweet it is $5. We rated all three runners around the $3.00 mark. (1) Lady Toy we think may get the better start from the red box, space star may get caught up in trouble with early speed both inside and outside it. Lady Toy and Space Star are very equal so who ever leads from the jump may win it. That is if Sweet it is does not find the form from 3-4 months ago. This Bitch may give 10-11 lengths on the leaders but watch her come home very strong. She has beaten space star before and can do it again as long as she starts in the top 5. 3 way photos is my best bet.

The Race as we se it: (3), (1)  (2) jump well, with (1) driving through for first. (4) Jumps sixth and is quite slow away. Around the back straight (3) Lillycette drops back to third, while (2) gets to second. (4) is still sixth, on the finishing straight, (2) gets back a length on (1), while (4) comes from  sixth to finish in an amazing photo with the (1) and (2), (6) passes (3) to finish fourth.

Suggested TIPS

Lady Toy WIN (1 UNIT)


– (1,2,4,6) First Four (0.25 UNITS)



Analysis: (3) Goldengrove lad should begin brilliantly if he stays true to form. Its 5.35 1st sectionals it ran 3 starts ago. This box suits it as it does like to reach the fence. It can do better than its 29.83 and has little early speed inside it. There is a good chance this will not start favourite so a good value bet. (4) Quartz Bale is a real mystery. It seems to have lost all its early zip since coming from the meadows 3 starts back. Finishing 8th and 4th and Wenty its last two races, running 30.73 and 30.3 which will not win this race. If it starts like we know it can will blow away this field but with the middle draw and risky start will favour it to finish in the minors. (6) Army Surplus is a very fast dog who just seems to find trouble in every race. May have some room with some slow beginners outside. But has only run under 30 seconds for the 520 once this year.

The Race as we se it: (3) races to the lead and gets 2 lengths on (6), while (4)starts mid pack. Around the back straight (3) puts another length on (6) while around the last bend (4) passes and takes back 2.5 lengths on (3) to finish 2nd 0.5 lengths behind (3). (6) falls back but manages to win the photo with (7) Bessy Boo and (8) Bobby Blanco

Suggested TIP

– Goldengrove Lad – WIN (1.5 Units)




Analysis: It’s the Golden Easter Egg and we are very excited about this race! Itll be one of the closest Easter Eggs we have had in a long time. But we are sticking firm with the favourite (8) Fernando Bale. His heats and Semi Final runs were stunning, running a 29.34, just over 2 tenths outside the record. His first sectionals are over one tenth better than anyone in the field. (7) Ronray Spirit inside him also possesses early zip, but usually rails, so Fernando should have plenty of room for himself, he will sit 2nd or may even push for 1st around first bend. (3) Over Limit will be hot on the trails of Fernando Bale and won’t give him much room to breathe. These two will be fighting it out on the line. Over Limits 29.46 in the heats was a very good run and this box should suit him. 3/3 from this box and does well at the track. (1) Dawkins Bale was 2nd 2 lengths behind Fernando in the heats and did well to stay in touch. While the owners and trainer were desperate for the red rug, I think it will get outpaced over the first 50-100 metres and in this class of field may not make ground back. If (8) can not cross then it may have a chance to push through, its last 5 runs show good early speed but not enough to out gun Fernando. (7) Ronray Spirit blew everyone away when it beat spacecraft in the heats with an impressive time, starts very well but tends to rail. If it beats (8) to the fence then it will be a race to remember but I think it will find trouble.

The Race as we se it: (8) Fernando Bale burns the field in the start and is two wide first on the bend. (7) is in second trying to find the fence. (1) is pushing through on the fence to take second while (3) is mid pack but is in clear room in fourth around bend. On the back straight (8) remains two clear of (1) while (3) is pushing up on the (1) with the (7). On the home straight (1), (3) and (7) make room back on Fernando Bale. The Pink wins by 0.5 Lengths in a dead heat for second between Dawkins Bale and Over Limit, While Ronray Spiriot just behind. Bale runs 29.39 to win the egg and the $250,000

Suggested TIP

– (8) Fernando Bale WIN (3 UNITS)



Best Bet: (8) Paul To Roar WIN (2 UNITS)


Best Bet: (6) Zipping Saxon EACH WAY (2 UNITS)