Horse Racing Multi’s – 5th December 2015

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Horse Racing Multi’s – 5th December 2015

About time we hit one of these beauties, and with some solid options running around on Saturday we get another chance.

We have put together a nice number for you, but many have common themes so either take them on or just select you best multi to follow. As always up to you.

Remember that Multi’s are so much more risk because all it takes is for one horse to run poorly or finish 4th. As any punter would know they are bloody hard to get at any stage but we don’t need many to make a killing which is obvious based on our results.

Here are two early multi’s for Saturday.


Maximising your Profits

Outside of getting odds early, the best way to maximise your wins is to have online bookies that gives you the best markets. While we use many bookies, the best of the lot is Bet365.

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– best early fixed odds.

– ‘Best of’ all three TABs for single bets (Win/Place) and Exotics (Trifecta’s/Quaddies)

– ‘Middle tote+’ giving you the best middle tote plus 5%

– ‘Best fluctuation’ markets giving you the best official on-course price

Bet365 also offers the 3 place dividends on early bets when the number of horses is 8 or more. Last week this was essential, as those who placed the multi close to race time missed out because Shiraz ran 3rd.

Get an account now and start reaping the rewards. You will not regret it >>> Sign up here!


Recommended Staking

We recommend placing 1 unit on multi’s.

Remember 1 unit = 1% of your bankroll. So for those of you with a $1000 bankroll your unit will be $10


$20-1 Multi


Multi 3

$29-1 Multi


Multi 4

$39-1 Multi


Multi 2

$81-1 Multi

Multi 1

$89-1 Multi

Multi 5