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Hawthorn Hawks vs Richmond Tigers

This bet looks incredible solid. The Hawks have been blowing every off the park lately, and part of me thinks it may happen again. But….5 goals is a great buffer for the Tigers. They will come to play and realise this is their chance to compete with the best. Whether they can is the next question, but I will take this for a free chance at $40 or a carton of beer.

AFL Betting Tip:  Hawthorn Hawks

Odds: $2.00

Stake: $20 max bet

Bookie: Ladbrokes >> Place your bet here


AFL Betting Tip:  Richmond Tigers +31.5

Odds: $2.05

Stake: $20

Bookie: Bet365 >> Place you bet here


If Hawthorn win by 1-31 we profit $41. Any other result is break even.