Unit-Staking Betting Strategy

The betting strategy using a unit-staking strategy relies on a larger number of bets that are followed using strict bankroll management and unit staking.

This means following all picks using a unit system (described below). If you pick and choose there’s a likely hood, you’ll pick the losers and miss the winners.

How to Calculate what a Unit is:

  • 1 unit = 1% of your bankroll

For example, if your bankroll for betting is $1000, then 1 unit = $10.

When to increase stakes

There is no set time to increase your stakes; With this system, it’s about keeping it simple and not having to think too much.

Suggestions are to give it 3-6 months before increasing your unit size OR you can choose to do it when your bankroll reaches a certain level. E.g. Every $500 or $1,000 increase in bankroll amount.

Whenever you feel comfortable in doing so, modify your stakes using the same 1% rule.

Recommended Staking

Below is what we suggest and do for our own unit staking strategy.

NOTE: if we suggest anything different it will be clearly stated with the pick.


  • We suggest a 2 unit stake on all our sports picks

**Note: this will change with sports such as AFL, when we may suggest larger or smaller stakes, or place middling bets which require larger stakes each way**


  • For multi’s we would suggest a 1 unit stake;

Horse Racing

Horse racing is a different beast when it comes to staking. It is hard to suggest stakes for every pick because of changes in the fixed odds and tote odds.

It is also wise in many instances to wait until closer to the race to assess whether you should take fixed or tote. This is particularly important sometimes when deciding if to weight (put more units on) your place stake or not.

Below is what we suggest when staking on horses.

  • 2 units on the WIN ONLY if place odds are $1.50 or less
  • 1 unit on the WIN & PLACE (each-way) if place odds exceed $2.00
  • 1 unit WIN and 2 units PLACE if place odds are between $1.50-$2.00


If you’re interesting in learning more about different betting strategy, Pinnacle have some great articles about other betting strategies.


Play Smart Tips

– We are here to help! YOU WIN, WE WIN!

– Focus on the long term. There’s always good and bad days. Track your performance in months and seasons rather than days or weeks.

– Be disciplined with your money management. Use proven betting strategy staking systems.

Don’t chase after losses.

– Never bet more than 3% of your bankroll on any one bet.