Weekly Results Summary – Monday 11th to Sunday 7th June

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Weekly Results Summary – Monday 11th to Sunday 7th June

Apologies for the lack of our results posts the past month. While we endeavour to get these up each week, sometimes life gets in the way. Oh well, here is how we faired the past month.


  • It has been a pretty good month for our AFL, and our season tally is unmatched by any other service. Our AFL Handicapper is clearly nailing it and a huge weekend is very very close.


  • Our horse racing has hit a little slow patch the past month, after an amazing start to the year. While our yearly profits are miles up, we are keen to get the stroke rate back to the norm and continue to boost our kitty. Like any sport there are always ups and downs, so it won’t be long until we get back into the bigger profits as we have proven time and time again.


  • We jumped back into the MLB with mixed results, but are looking to go full steam ahead in the next week with our system from past seasons. Get ready for a rollercoaster (as the MLB always is) and hopefully a nice profit at the end.


  • We jumped back into the NHL for a few final stakes on the Stanley Cup. A little profit adds to our awesome season, and with a couple of games to go we might be able to grow it a little more.


  • We have backed off the NRL at present due to partly a lack of time and also while Origin time is on. Some results can be very unpredictable, as they are showing. We will ramp this back up over the coming weeks and look to make ground on our great results last year.


Remember you can check out our Results Spreadsheets since we started sharing our tips to the world (start 2014). While we try to keep this as up-to-date as possible, there may be slight delays in results being added in. be assured they will be coming.



All Sports

Stake: 580.17 units

Return: 620.84 units

Profit/Loss: 40.67 units



Australian Rules (AFL)

Stake: 298.17 units

Return: 321.33 units

Profit/Loss: +23.16 units

2015 Season: +52.28 units



Horse Racing

Stake: 148 units

Return: 153.51 units

Profit/Loss: +5.51 units

YTD 2015: +139.43 units



Baseball (MLB)

Stake: 130 units

Return: 140.78 units

Profit/Loss: +10.78 units

2014/15 Season: +10.78 units



Ice Hockey (NHL)

Stake: 4 units

Return: 5.22 units

Profit/Loss: +1.22 units

2014/15 Season: +74.74 units



Rugby League (NRL) – No Plays

2015 Season: +4.79 units



Basketball (NBA) – No Plays