WEEKLY RESULTS SUMMARY – Monday 6th to Sunday 12th April

Weekly Results – Monday 6th to Sunday 12th April

Here is how we faired these past two weeks Ladies and Gents.

What a strange week this was. Our star of the show was the horse racing with a massive 44 units profit on Easter Monday and then last Saturday. We are getting back up to our usual strike rate of 40% now, but we are regularly finding some big diamonds in the rough. We also made another profit in the NRL (albeit a small one); however this takes up into the + for the first time this season. We were a little stiff on Friday though, having both teams 1-12 and the game ending in a draw. Oh well that’s sports betting and we will take the small profit every week.

We copped a decent flogging in the AFL this week. Although considering the results, we got out of it reasonably well. It was one of those weeks when you look back on every tip and wouldn’t change a thing, yet the bookies stole some cash from you. But that’s ok, everyone has bad weeks and we know our system will get that back and plenty more. Away we go!

The NBA and NHL both made small losses while they move towards the playoffs. Some ripper games to come that is for sure.


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Stake: 146.50 units

Return: 178.64 units

Profit/Loss: +32.14 units



Stake: 41.5 units

Return: 30.94 units

Profit/Loss: -10.56 units

2015 Season: -6.41 units



Stake: 49.00 units

Return: 93.40 units

Profit/Loss: +44.40 units

YTD 2015: +96.25 units



Stake: 12 units

Return: 11.40 units

Profit/Loss: -0.60 units

2014/15 Season: +2.60 units



Stake: 18 units

Return: 15.88 units

Profit/Loss: -2.12 units

2014/15 Season: +73.33 units



Stake: 26 units

Return: 27.02 units

Profit/Loss: +1.02 units

2015 Season: +0.42 units